Okay so let me just start by saying I know this is a silly topic.... and after seeing the image I've posted you're probably already thinking, why the heck is this girl talking about a stain on her shirt?!?! But the truth is, this stain is so much more than a simple stain! It is … Continue reading HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?!?

Taking Back Our Closet!

Okay so by my own admission, I will admit that our daughter has an obscene amount of clothing! Like kind of out of control. In my defense, everything is so flipping cute!!! This weekend I decided to tackle the massive amount of clothing that had "accumulated" in her closet... Just so happens that she has … Continue reading Taking Back Our Closet!

Taupe is really the “New” Gray

In our profession, we often get asked “what’s the latest trend?” or “what is everyone else doing?”…. The thing to remember is that design is extremely subjective; there truly is no right or wrong answer – aside from the more general design theories such as balance, pattern, scale, symmetry, contrast, etc. which serve as more … Continue reading Taupe is really the “New” Gray