All About: Countertops

One of the questions that comes up daily is giving clients a general rundown on the differences between the most common countertop options; there are lots of choices out there and it seems like it's simply a game of pros and cons, everything has it's advantages and disadvantages! I'll focus on a few of the … Continue reading All About: Countertops

Saving Money – No More Searching for Coupons!

Just thought I'd do a quick intro to a website I absolutely love, love, love! If you're like me you LOVE coupons! I will not purchase anything, and I do mean anything, without doing a quick coupon search - ┬áin particular - online. I even pester my husband about this whenever I see him about … Continue reading Saving Money – No More Searching for Coupons!


Okay so let me just start by saying I know this is a silly topic.... and after seeing the image I've posted you're probably already thinking, why the heck is this girl talking about a stain on her shirt?!?! But the truth is, this stain is so much more than a simple stain! It is … Continue reading HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?!?

20 Free Minutes? Yes Please!

Lately I've been completely dumbfounded by the pile of toys going untouched in our home. Like many other parents - I stocked up on everything I could think of...educational toys, musical toys, toys that spin, stacking toys, blocks, stuffed animals, etc. etc. - you get the idea. Tons and tons of different things to stimulate … Continue reading 20 Free Minutes? Yes Please!

Taking Back Our Closet!

Okay so by my own admission, I will admit that our daughter has an obscene amount of clothing! Like kind of out of control. In my defense, everything is so flipping cute!!! This weekend I decided to tackle the massive amount of clothing that had "accumulated" in her closet... Just so happens that she has … Continue reading Taking Back Our Closet!

Baby Busy Board – BOOM!

Our daughter has the attention span of a flea, I think that's mostly just due to her age but she's definitely not gaining any favors by being born into my gene pool... I've seen lots and lots of the ever popular busy boards but was trying to figure out how to make it look nice … Continue reading Baby Busy Board – BOOM!