Super Bowl Bingo 2019

Hey guys! This was such a hit at our Super Bowl Party last year that I decided to put it together again 🙂

Finding a way to keep the kiddos busy during the big game = win!

I used this website – to get a list of the advertisers that will be featured during this years game between the Rams and Patriots.

With that and a bit of photoshopping, I was able to make my own version of the Commercial Bingo Game:

BINGO 2018.psd

I wanted to share this with you all in case anyone else was interested in using it, there are 20 different game pages to use and (hopefully) they’re totally random 🙂



Download, print and share as you’d like:

Super Bowl Bingo 2019

What to Pack in Your C-Section Hospital Bag

During my first pregnancy, we found out at 36 weeks that our daughter was breech, and despite my best efforts trying to get her to flip…external version, rubber ball to bounce on, standing on my head (well not quite but close!)… etc.

But it became clear that delivering naturally just wasn’t in the cards for me.

I had so many questions but one thing worked in my favor…

I was procrastinating and hadn’t packed my bag yet!

I started searching all over the place and it was definitely more difficult deciding what to bring when having a C-Section so I wrote all this down hoping it would help someone else out there 🙂

Here is what I’d recommend:

Clothes/Items for You:

  • Birth Plan – here is a guide of what kind of things to include. This helps your nurses and doctors be aware of your wishes and goals during your stay.
  • Any and all necessary paperwork for your hospital.
    • Have anything you can filled out prior to arriving, this will help streamline the process, you’ll be nervous that day so being prepared is important.
  • 1 Robe
  • 1 Pair of Slippers
  • 1 Sleepshirt/Nightgown
  • 1 Zippered Hoodie
  • 1 Long Sleeve Nursing Shirt
  • 2 Pairs of Comfortable Pajama Pants
  • 2 Nursing Tanks
  • 1 Nursing Bra
  • Bring whatever outfit you’d like to wear home – bear in mind, you’ll be sore and uncomfortable. You will be swollen and will still look pregnant, maternity clothing is your best bet if you’re going to wear “regular” clothes. Remember, you’ll have an incision and won’t want anything to rub in that area.
  • Socks: The hospital will provide a pair of gripped socks for the day of surgery, bring a couple pairs if you’d like to wear something different.
    • NOTE: No need for underwear other than what you wear in to the hospital. The hospital will provide mesh underwear and pads to use after surgery – you will want to wear this, it is MUCH more comfortable.
  • Toiletries: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash/Soap, Deodorant, Razor, Makeup (if desired), Brush, Hair Ties/Clips, etc.
    • NOTE: It is recommended that you smell as “natural” as possible after your baby is born to they can get to know your scent. This is up to you, I couldn’t wait to take a shower and get cleaned up so I skipped perfumes, etc. when I finally got the go ahead, but did use my regular shampoo/conditioner/soaps.

Plan on staying at the hospital for at least 2-3 days, possibly longer depending on your recovery and add supplemental pieces as you’d like ie: long sleeve button down, other nursing shirts, etc.

Clothes/Items for the Baby:

  • 2 Sleepers (preferably with fold over cuffs that act as mittens)
  • Mittens to prevent scratches if needed
  • Nail Clippers or File if you’re feeling ambitious – trimming those TINY nails is NERVE WRACKING!
  • 1 “Going Home” Outfit
  • Any other outfits you’d like to put on them during your stay
    • NOTE: Skin to skin contact is recommended to help comfort the baby and to allow for more intimate bonding after birth, my husband and I opted for 24 full hours of skin to skin with both kiddos. This is truly a personal choice, if you do skin to skin you don’t need as many clothes! And I can tell you that putting a BRAND NEW newborn in clothing can be a bit nerve wracking, they aren’t as fragile as they seem but manipulating them to put on clothes isn’t for the faint of heart!!!
  • Any special blankets you’d like to use; the hospital will supply small receiving blankets.
  • Hat(s): since babies cannot effectively regulate temperature the hospital will supply a generic hat after birth. Our hospital gave us a knitted hat as well that volunteers make for new babies 😍
  • Baby Book: If you have something you’d like to use, bring it with you for footprints, etc. Let your nurse know you need help with this.

Other Helpful Items:

  • Chapstick, Lotion, Cough Drops & Humidifier:
    • Hospitals are very dry, as a result I caught a cold immediately following my first C-Section. The hospital will charge you for some of these items, bring them with you just in case you need them.
  • Prenatal Vitamins:
    • As long as you’re breastfeeding, you’ll still take these. If you have something you prefer to take, bring them with you. I always (and still do) take the gummies, they will give you pills of their choosing if you don’t bring them with you. Be prepared to give them to your nurse to administer, an unopened package is best. The hospital will monitor EVERYTHING you take very closely.
  • Books, magazines, music, etc – you may not even touch these things because you’re so in awe of your new baby but they’re good to have to pass the time until you’re discharged!
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • List of Names/Numbers of people you’d like informed once the baby has arrived:
    • Put a friend or family member in charge of this, you and your partner will be busy ogling over your new baby.
  • Snacks:
    • Our hospital provided food for the mother who was the patient as their diets are monitored (liquids following surgery, slowly returning to regular meals as recommended) but the partner or anyone else was left to fend for themselves in the food department. It’s nice to have some snacks/drinks in the room.


If they don’t offer, ask the nurse to show you how to bathe your newborn. They will have good tips and tricks and will also give you some goodies to take home for baths. Ours showed us a newer swaddling bathing method that we never learned with our daughter and it is AWESOME!

Hospitals are like hotels in that anything in the room will be tossed after you leave. They will encourage you to take whatever you want and make sure you do so. Most importantly – mesh underwear, pads, diapers, wipes, and the highly coveted blue syringe – this is better than anything I’ve ever purchased in a store!

Nurses are excellent at swaddling and they all seem to have different preferred methods. Ask each one to show you how to do it, then you can practice and pick which way you like the best. Babies are used to being confined and swaddling helps them feel safe and prevents them dealing with the startle reflex.

Hope this helps at least a little bit with the C-Section Process!


How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

When we had our first born I could never, EVER get ahead of her. She was exclusively breastfed for 6 months, but would only nurse sporadically, mainly first thing in the morning and at night. Outside of that, I had to pump in order for her to eat if I wanted to stick to breastmilk only.

Sidebar: I’d just like to say that if formula is the best option for you and your baby, for any reason, that is totally okay! There are so many pros on either side of that debate…

  • Breastmilk Only – pros; cheaper, slightly faster from crying baby to being fed, more natural nutrients that are difficult to reproduce, although formula companies do a darn good job trying to do just that.
  • Formula Fed – pros; quick to mix, no warming – just use hot water, anyone can feed the baby (nice break for mama), less stigma when feeding in public, not sure why anyone is hard on mamas just trying to feed their kids?

I’m not going to talk about cons because there are none, either choice is a good one and you need to make that decision for yourself and your baby!

Second sidebar: I took the kiddos to the zoo the other day with my mom, not sure why when the monkeys were feeding their young everyone oohed and aahed but when humans do it everyone gets all up in arms about ….OMG, WAIT FOR IT………. BOOBS!

FYI: More often than not, a nursing mother just wants hide out and will go to every effort to do so rather than make a spectical of herself….

Okay back to my main topic here….Because I never got ahead of our daughter by more than a couple feedings worth, I literally had to pump immediately before she ate – insert screaming kid here! It sucked, like a lot.

When we had our son, I was determined not to let this happen again!

Admittedly, our son is much better with nursing so luckily the pumping isn’t as much of an issue but it was imperative that I got my supply up and built up a stash before I went back to work and he started daycare.

  • Your body responds to your baby’s needs. This means that the more they feed, the more you produce. So when kiddos are going through a growth spurt they eat more and as a result, your supply increases.
  • In order to “trick” my body into producing more than I needed to physically feed my baby, I needed to increase the demand. Meaning I would feed my son, and then I would pump….
    • But, I did this at strategic times. For instance, you typically have a higher supply first thing in the morning because your baby isn’t eating in as frequent increments. I didn’t need more in the morning…waking up and leaking was already uncomfortable!!!
    • During the day was my best option while on maternity leave. Typically babies will eat every 3 hours which left me 3 good feedings between taking our daughter to daycare and picking her up while my husband was at work. I have a pump that does both sides simultaneously, this is nice because it is much faster and more efficient. You’ll get to understand your usual pattern after pumping a few times.
  • The first few days I started doing this I was pumping a couple extra ounces. It is best to store your milk in small quantities; 2-4 ounces are best to ensure you don’t have a lot of waste.
    • Have you heard the term “liquid gold?” It’s real, the first time you spill milk, you may indeed, cry over it! I chose to store mine in 3 ounce increments and that’s worked well this far.

Okay so here is the cool part, gradually my supply increased!

I went from producing an extra couple ounces to pumping anywhere from 9-12 ounces (or 3-4 servings). This seemed like a reasonable overage. I wanted extra but not to be pumping all day!

Eventually I ended up with a stash for just over 1 week, assuming my baby was going to eat (roughly) 24 ounces/day.

  • Gradually started backing off of the pumping sessions in order to return my body back to producing what my son physically needed, although when back at work I was still producing slightly more than he was eating at daycare.

Worked out great for me but honestly everyone is different so take this all with a grain of salt – but I hope it works as well for you as it did for me! Happy milking 🐄🤣😁

What Motherhood is Really Like

Hey Friends, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written on this blog…. too long really. I love to write and sometimes it can be so cathartic to get some thoughts down on paper/screen? With the recent arrival of our son, my hands (and heart!) have been full which may be the understatement of the century….

But one thing I keep thinking about is people’s perception of motherhood based on what we see everyday through social media.

I hate to break it to you…. but….

It’s all a load of bologna.

Well maybe not all of it… but enough to make you second guess yourself and make unfair comparisons and judgments!

I have to admit that, I too, am guilty of posting only pictures that paint myself and my family in the most positive and perfect light imaginable. It can be so easy to fall into that trap and go searching for “likes.” But I’m here to tell you, there is A LOT that you don’t see and that we, as parents, don’t tell even those closest to us.

Every pictures holds a secret, take for instance this one:


This picture looks nice enough, I’m without makeup and my double chin is somewhat prominent but I’m lovingly adoring our handsome little boy. Yes, that part is VERY true.

But, what you don’t see:

  1. Our kid sometimes sleeps. Sometimes. Chances are very good that it took my husband and I two hours to get him to just go to bed through every means necessary: ie singing, rocking, swaddling, vacuuming, driving, walking, bouncing, blow drier, swinging, cuddling, and a vast array of other techniques.
  2. Once he does go to sleep at night, chances are even better that he wakes up either every hour or two. YAY!
  3. Oh look, the sun is out! And…. NOW… he sleeps. Story of my life. And chances are pretty good that if he just fell asleep like this in the morning sunlight, our 2-1/2 year old daughter is probably up and ready to go. So kiss going back to sleep goodbye 😦
  4. Honestly, there are days when I feel like I’ve neglected our toddler. Sometimes she wakes up and plays in her room for longer than I’d like because the new baby needs our attention, this makes me feel awful but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. At the end of the day I have faith that our daughter knows we love her more than life itself and that we are there for her even when we can’t always be right there for her… Having two kids is HARD!
  5. Chances are very good that I won’t have time to shower without a baby crying through the whole thing, and shaving my legs – HA! Yeah right. In this photo we were in full on newborn survival mode. That means uninterrupted showers are a luxury, sleep is a blessing and shaving your legs is something you do in emergency situations only – like when making an unexpected trip to the pool or going for a MUCH needed pedicure (in that case I’m going to shave up to my knees only, because I’m too busy to care! HA) You’ve got to make the most out of your shower time and unfortunately washing hair takes priority!
  6. Breastfeeding is NOT easy. It hurts, a lot, at first. And sometimes babies don’t want to do it like our firstborn, latching properly is something that has to be taught and learned, not all babies are born ready to go… And if you’re struggling, you’re not alone. I can tell you from experience that I shed a lot of tears trying to get our daughter to eat properly. It is not your fault and it was not my fault…amazing what a couple years will do for your clarity! Luckily (and by no action of my own) our son is a much better eater, must be a boy thing! HAHA

  7. Oh! And once you do get the hang of it, you leak. Like A LOT. You probably can’t see it in the photo above but chances are very good that I probably have a wet spot the size of Texas on my shirt.

Oh yeah, like this:


Anyways, just wanted to take a second to remind the new moms out there, you are not alone even though sometimes it can definitely feel like it.

Everything is not perfect and that’s okay!!!!

The biggest thing I learned from our first born is that this too shall pass, every hardship does indeed come to an end.

I’m absolutely no expert but I assure you, eventually your kid WILL sleep!

Eventually you’ll be able to get ready again without interruptions and heck, maybe even shave your legs?!?

Eventually you’ll look back at your sleep deprived, milk covered, breastfeeding days and actually….miss them…

Or at least forget about them enough to do it all over again like us!

In the meantime, take the pictures you see floating around at face value, realize that there is more going on than what you’re seeing at the surface. Everyone goes through learning curves and some things are truly, 100% out of your hands.

But most importantly pat yourself on the back for being awesome!

Happy parenting, and remember, you’re doing great!!!!!!

Hang in their mama 🙂

Super Bowl 2018 Bingo

This is something I had seen on Pinterest and thought was a good way to keep everyone engaged on game day. I had found one online to use last year and it was a hit with kids and adults alike!

I used this website – to get a list of the advertisers that will be featured during this years game between the Eagles and Patriots. With that and a bit of photo-shopping I was able to make my own version of the Commercial Bingo Game:

Bingo 1.jpgI wanted to share this with you all in case anyone else was interested in using it, there are 20 different game pages to use and (hopefully) they’re totally random 🙂


Feel free to download, print and share as you’d like: Super Bowl 2018 Bingo

When is it okay to announce you’re pregnant?

Call us crazy but my husband and I decided to take the big leap – the official jump from 1 kiddo to 2.

My recent absence from the ole blog is largely due to this fact. It’s amazing how finding out you’re pregnant can push you into a cocoon of your own world. It’s as though I’ve had this amazing secret looming over my head, being the only thing I want to talk about and write about but I can’t.

When you’re pregnant you’ve got this HUGE secret and you’re not supposed to tell anyone right? We’ve all heard the cautionary tales, the women who miscarry and suddenly find themselves retracting their statements to friends and family.

Miscarriages happen, often at no fault of the mother or any other extenuating circumstances under our control….and just the sheer lack of control can be debilitating. The level of anguish and pain one would go through having to explain this over and over is enough to have made me keep my mouth shut until it’s “safe”.

But just the idea of a “safe” time to make that announcement can be so scary, I’ve heard of many pregnancies being lost in the first trimester and I’ve heard of a some lost in the second trimester. Even worse, if you download an app like this Baby Center one, where there is a forum you truly hear nothing but the worst of the worst. While they can be extremely educational, especially to a first time mother, they can also cause massive amounts of undue stress.

I urge anyone who takes part in these forums to take them with a grain of salt.

The fact is that while miscarriages are common, the majority of pregnancies are successful and are carried to full term. This is something I had to constantly remind myself of when I read the devastating stories of lost pregnancies.

Then comes the first big sigh of relief… the second you hear that heartbeat.

Unless you don’t. 

We went in for our designated “Doppler” appointment at 10 weeks, my doctor recommended we come back in at 10 weeks as it’s easier to hear a heartbeat then. I was having an awful, awful day at work and was looking forward to this shining moment.

And then, he couldn’t find a heartbeat. My heart immediately sank.

Of course this would happen on this terrible day.

Anterior placenta. This is a term I’ve become fairly familiar with. They had us go over for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. The first thing I saw typed on the scan were those two little words. My placenta was on the front. Again. Although it could still move, this was probably a contributing factor to not hearing a heartbeat and the main reason I could not feel our daughter move well into my first pregnancy.

But much more importantly, during this scan we also saw a heartbeat.

The level of relief that flashed over me was indescribable.

As a female, you take the test, you get a yes or no and all of the sudden your whole life changes. You’re constantly grasping at straws trying to prove that this is real. Do I feel nauseous? Am I gaining weight? Do I look/feel any different?!? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It can be absolutely maddening.

Then you throw all of the do’s and don’ts on top of that; no lunch meat, no caffeine, no alcohol, no soft cheese, no sushi, not too much seafood, etc. etc. Then you read the forums, then you read the stats.

It. Is. Awful.

I guess my point is that every single step of pregnancy is a big “what if” game. But it’s time for us all, myself included, to cut ourselves some slack. There are no definitive right or wrong answers, and while there are some things you can control, others you cannot.

If you’re ready to tell people you’re pregnant, go for it. If you need to talk openly about a loss, please don’t hesitate. If you need to tell someone that you’re scared, or excited, or overwhelmed – there are people who are there for you if you let them be. 

So rather than questioning everything and driving ourselves nuts it’s time to enjoy the journey and support one another through the beautiful, exhausting, sometimes devastating and incredibly trying experience of growing humans. 


Oak is A. O.K.


It’s no secret that oak has gotten a bad reputation, largely due to an excessive use of the product from doors to trim to cabinets, everything OAK. OAK. OAK. And to make matters worse it was Golden Oak…..everywhere.

On almost a daily basis I have clients who walk through the door and say, “I’m getting ready to do a remodel, you know, because – well it’s Oak. And I don’t blame them one little bit, Golden Oak isn’t always the most desirable finish, especially when you look around and oak basically slaps you in the face!

But in all honestly, it’s a pretty great wood.

It’s got a very consistent grain pattern and coloration which allows it to take stain very evenly. This is a great trait to have for people who are looking for something to be consistent and who may be frustrated when there is slight color variation from one piece to the next. Maple, another very common wood species, is known to be finicky in taking stain and can have wider than acceptable range of color from one board (or even throughout the same board) due to mineral streaking in the wood itself and the type of stain you’re trying to use.

Then you throw in your Hickory which has an EXTREME amount of color variation, kind of a love it or hate level of color variation. Cherry has a beautiful marbling effect in the grain pattern but can also have heavy variation from one piece to the next, not to mention the fact that it will darken over time, which can come with a whole other host of issues – imagine an area rug on a natural cherry floor, imagine said area rug leaving that rectangle on your floor…..

Oak is also a hardwood that holds up well in terms of dents and dings. You won’t have the same issues like you would with Alder, while not a common wood for flooring due to the softness; it is extremely common in cabinets. And while admittedly your cabinets should not be taking that kind of a beating, it is a much softer wood that can get dinged up pretty easily.

The fact is; your Oak should hold up pretty well.

It is also very dimensionally stable which means, particularly in our dry Colorado climate, you don’t have as much movement as other wood species, which means that gapping and cupping should be less of an issue over time = win!

This is probably a good time to note that wood is wood. It is a natural product. No one piece is going to be exactly like the next and that is something that you will definitely need to come to grips with if you decide you’d like to use wood in your home. It will expand and contract depending on the time of the year and the level of humidity. It is not perfect, and that should be something you like about it if you decide to use it. It will dent, it will scratch. Again, you’ll need to embrace this fact.

Okay so back to Oak. Lately we’ve been using a lot more oak, but the key here is the stain being used. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who just walks in saying “I love Golden Oak; I have to have Golden Oak!”


Some of the stains coming out on oak range from more of a cranberry red to contemporary gray and black tones, also into more of the rustic looking white-washed finishes that have become especially popular as of late. We’ve seen oak done in very contemporary applications, in particular on cabinets when used on a very clean door/slab or shaker door style it can look really sharp. The subtle grain pattern can be a nice contrast to give a relatively stark room some nice textural appeal.

In the world of cabinets, we’ve also seen more manufacturers offering paint on Oak. Typically Maple is the most commonly painted thanks to the fact that there is little to no grain pattern and it takes the paint very evenly. However; if you’re looking for a painted finish but still want a bit more character and texture a painted oak might be a great solution!

Painted finishes also come with their own issues such as face checking (very small cracks in the surface of the paint), this is due to the movement of the wood itself when it goes through that expansion and contraction we spoke about earlier. This is perfectly normal and not a defect in the finish, on a painted finish, Oak’s graining may actually help hide small “flaws” when it comes to the face checking.

So while reading through this, thinking about and looking at some of the different types of wood available, and trying to figure out what wood might be the best for you and your particular application – I urge you to keep an open mind.

As difficult as it may be to get that “oak is yucky, ew, ew, ew” thought out of your mind, you might be surprised!

How to Save Yourself from a High School Life Lesson I Learned too Late

I live within blocks of a local high school. And every single morning I see the same group of girls, walking with one lone boy, outside of school boundaries.  A quick glance around the area leads to the realization that there are multiple groups of students scattered off campus huddled in groups of two to five. All doing the same thing.


I remember high school like it was yesterday, the anxiety about trying to be cool and fit in, the constant concern of what others thought of you and the altogether dramatic existence that we took part in for four years. In some ways it was an amazing experience I wouldn’t trade for the world, in others, I wish I could have a redo or forget of half of the bologna I either took part in or remember from back in those days. 

One of the biggest regrets I have from this time period was when I started smoking. I remember the first time I smoked, I was with my best friend and I was 15. I remember coughing and feeling kind of dizzy and just thought we were the coolest thing since sliced bread. Looking back I realize I was literally a baby, this fact is only further cemented by seeing the incredibly young students walking in and out of the high school every day.

And we thought we were so mature and knew everything. Yeah, no….

After those first puffs I was more of an occasional smoker, I would smoke with my friends during off periods or at lunch sometimes, in my car on the way to school. (I can say these things now since I’m in my 30s and my parents can’t ground me anymore haha!!! Sorry Mom!) We’d smoke when we were out and about but I wouldn’t call it a true habit (although that’s debatable).

I remember running out during an art class and smoking with a fellow classmate, we came back in and CLEARLY smelled like cigarettes, (that smell doesn’t lie). Our teacher stopped me and said “You know, that’s not actually a cool thing to do and you should quit now.” I laughed it off and thought, what do you know about being cool?!? In retrospect, I wish I would have taken her advice right then and there.

The straw that broke the camels back or pushed an occasional act into a full blow habit was the death of a good friend at 17. I thought – I’m stressed, I should smoke! Because that’s always the answer…. It was all over after that; I was smoking in the morning, I was smoking on my breaks, I was smoking after work, I was smoking at night. And then I’d wake up and do it all over again. At this point everyone knew I was smoker so I had a free pass to do so as I pleased.

Fast forward to my 20s, while the urge to be cool and fit in had subsided, the urge to smoke definitely had not. Add in alcohol and just multiply the smoking by two. While I obviously knew it was bad for me and wanted to quit, I didn’t really try all that hard.

It wasn’t until my husband and I decided to have a baby that I really stepped back and looked at my habit. I’d tried using Chantix a couple of times before to no avail, but this time I was motivated. I wanted to be healthy before getting pregnant, I wanted to make sure that my body was clean and ready to protect a little human and that I wouldn’t cause any undue harm. Seems like there are enough things that could go wrong that I didn’t need add something that was completely under my control.

And I was successful, I used Chantix again, actually had a couple of old packs I was able to use up and my insurance covered virtually the whole cost. Regardless, I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to quit, worked great for me and after smoking for so many years – I wasn’t sure anything would work.

But back to my main point.

Everyday that I drive past that high school. And see those kids.

I just want to pull over and say “hey kid, maybe you shouldn’t do that. I know you think it’s cool, so did I. I thought I was so mature and grown up every time I held that smoke in my hand.”

But you know what…. it’s not cool, it’s gross. And despite how strong you think you are, you’re not. And you will get addicted without even realizing it. And it’ll be fun for a while, and then it won’t be. You’ll smell bad, you’ll hack and cough, and you’ll get sick all the time (I can’t even count the amount of times I had bronchitis). And then you’ll finally decide you want to quit. And you’ll fail, over and over and over.

Until you don’t.

And then you’ll look back at this exact moment and think “man, I should have listened back when I was in high school.” 

To be or not to be, that is the question… 2nd Dog?

I’m sure a good number of people can relate to having issues with their dog after bringing a new baby home, at least I hope we’re not alone?

All of the sudden the dog, who by all intents and purposes, has fulfilled our “baby” role has now been replaced…. Not intentionally but it just happens. As clear evidence of this, the pictures on my phone went from dog, dog, dog to kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, oh and more kid!

I remember taking this photo of our dog the day before our daughter was born, look how happy he was!!!

Thatch Website

People had warned me of what was going to come next and remember before we had our daughter thinking “What are you talking about? He’ll ALWAYS be our baby!” Well, I’d love to say I was right but I was definitely W.R.O.N.G.

Not that any pet owner goes into the next stage with their own children intending to neglect their sweet little fur-ball but I see now that it’s almost inevitable…. There is just too much going on to focus all of your attention and energy as you once were able to. I remember when I was on maternity leave, at first he was so excited to meet the new baby and then gradually he started becoming more and more distant, when I was working from home he’d spend most of the day outside instead of by my feet as he had before.

Things have gotten better, he has started getting more comfortable around the baby (it probably helps that she is constantly feeding him her dinner and snacks!!!), he sleeps in our bedroom every night and has even moved back into our bed – and I’m okay with it as long as he’s happy again. He’s been sneaking onto the couch and we’ve let that slide too…. But at the end of the day, he’s just not the same dog.

And so, the most important question – does he need a friend? Seems like a natural progression, someone to keep him occupied and cheer him up right?  But can we handle another dog? Do we want to go through the whole puppy training stage again?

It’s funny thinking back to how hard it was the first time, almost trivial compared to bringing home a kid but at the time it seemed so daunting! But thinking about doing that, plus taking care of the kiddo, and continuing to stroke the ego of our dog…..seems like a lot?

Hoping someone out there has some feedback or comments on this? I thought we were good to go and ready to go pick out our perfect little puppy companion and here I am, second guessing. Again. Bleh.

I’ll sleep on it. And dream about cute puppies.

Holy Baby Fever Batman…

Before I had my daughter I was the exact opposite of motherly, in fact kids – in particular babies – scared the bejeezus out of me! I never thought I’d be someone who would oooh and ahhhh over a newborn….

People always said you’re different when it was yours and I could not agree more, the second my daughter was born it was absolutely love at first sight. I had never so much as changed a diaper, fed a baby, and definitely hadn’t ever been responsible for another human being in any manner close to this before! But somehow they let us leave the hospital with this perfect little human being…the whole thing was pretty surreal to be honest!

I proceeded to read everything I could get my hands on, when I was nursing my daughter I was reading the chapter on what to expect next and how to handle it when the time arose…. I was truly starting to drive myself nuts with information overload, the blessing and curse of the internet I suppose!

But we survived, together, the three of us made it through the first year….

There were absolutely great days but I’d be lying if I said it was all rainbows and butterflies, any new parent has probably experienced the same thing, whether they want to admit it or not?

Fast forward to today, my sister and I visited my sister’s best friend, who she’s known since 3rd grade which basically makes her family. She just welcomed her absolutely beautiful baby girl into this world and I may as well have been skipping into that hospital room. I was so beyond excited to hold a little baby again, I’m embarrassed to say I jumped in before my sister even had the chance to hold the new baby but I just couldn’t help myself….

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Holding that little girl brought a million memories flooding back into my head; of cuddling and snuggling with my brand spankin’ new daughter, of the excitement and the fear I’d felt leaving the hospital and the sheer terror of being a mom.

And yet, all I could think of was how I can’t wait to experience that all again…The baby smells, the cute little noises, even the late night feedings and everything else that came along with the the brand new baby.

Me. The girl who ran from babies. Funny how life works out…