Big Sister Gift Bag

When we were expecting our son, I knew I wanted to do something special for our daughter since I knew we were going to be separated for a little bit while my husband and I were both in the hospital following my c-section. I put together a little gift bag and gave it to my … Continue reading Big Sister Gift Bag

DIY Garden Labels

I've talked about our garden before - well no truly successful garden would be complete without labels right?!? Of course I had to make that it's own special project because I get these ideas in my head.... I had a TON of left over wood slices from our wedding that I used as a creative … Continue reading DIY Garden Labels

Cheap Entertainment for a Toddler; BEANS!!!

In my constant search for entertainment for the toddler I've tried EVERYTHING! And I am in complete and utter shock of the things that stick and are the most fun to the kiddo. For instance junk mail, I hate it but she thinks it's soooo much fun. Shoes; not only the cutest thing to hear … Continue reading Cheap Entertainment for a Toddler; BEANS!!!

10 Tips for a Toddler Easter Basket

First off, I must admit, I am no expert as this is the first Easter I've put together a basket for my daughter....last year I decided my daughter was too little to get into it - we'd just go to my parent's house and enjoy dinner and the day together! Yay!!! Sounded great! .....Until I … Continue reading 10 Tips for a Toddler Easter Basket

20 Free Minutes? Yes Please!

Lately I've been completely dumbfounded by the pile of toys going untouched in our home. Like many other parents - I stocked up on everything I could think of...educational toys, musical toys, toys that spin, stacking toys, blocks, stuffed animals, etc. etc. - you get the idea. Tons and tons of different things to stimulate … Continue reading 20 Free Minutes? Yes Please!